Yoga Pendants - Silver


Making this piece requires 5 working days.

All the pieces are completely handmade or have a handmade finish so they might differ in some details with the pieces shown in the photos.

The Yoga Pendants are different from each other. 

Different Asanas practicing a Yoga routine, where each one has its own rhythm.

The silhouette in motion, allows us to "hear" the breathing rhythm.

The Yoga collection is one of our few forays into figurative, but keeping the detail. Are also original and contemporary.

Silver chain: 42 cm 

Completely made in Sterling Silver.

You can choose between:  

1 - Anjaneyasana
2 - Ardha chandrasana 2 hands
3 - Vrksasana or Tree Pose
4 - Adho Mukha
5 - Virabhadrasana
6 - Ardha chandrasana
7 - Trikonasana
8 - Vasisthasana
9 - Parivrtta Parsvsakonasana
10 - Salamba Sarvangasana
11 - Padmasana or Lotus Posture

Each Pose is different regarding Width, Length, and Weight. Below just an indication.

Weight: 2 gr
Thickness: 0,12 cm
Max Width: 2 cm
Max Length: 2 cm

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