Pyramid Earrings - Gold plated


Making this piece requires 5 working days.

All the pieces are completely handmade or have a handmade finish so they might differ in some details with the pieces shown in the photos.

The Pyramid Collection is the volumetric evolution of the Triangular collection, also inspired by the architecture of Toyo Ito. With small windows in the flat face and a large window in the volume, it allows to spy from one side to the other.

The Pyramid earrings have the particularity of being reversible! With a simple hook system, you can use one side or the other. In each pair, the earrings are different from each other, having one the base of the triangle facing down and the other facing up.

Metal goldplated 18K

Weight: 6,35 gr
Thickness: 0,9 cm
Width: 2,8 cm
Lenght: 2,4 cm
Height: 6 cm