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Led Earrings - Silver

Led Earrings - Silver

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The LED earrings have the beauty of the simplicity. They are elegant and contemporary.

So light you will hardly notice you are wearing them.
They are the perfect wildcard.

In The Netherlands, when the winter begins, light become scarce and days become short.

The streets, bars and houses become dark. People stay inside and the city becomes empty.

But something magical happens. In each space, small candles are lit to illuminate and give a warmth light. Infinite points of light that cover the city.

Those little points of light, those sheens, those LEDs are the ones that give name to this collection.

Silver butterfly earring backs for pierced ears.

Completely made in Sterling Silver.

Diameter: 0,65 cm
Weight: 0,35 gr
Thickness: 0,1 cm

Making this piece requires 5 working days.

All the pieces are completely handmade or have a handmade finish so they might differ in some details with the pieces shown in the photos.

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