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Framed Sculpture, Cacique (SOLD)

Framed Sculpture, Cacique (SOLD)

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Cacique is a one of a kind Framed Sculpture.

This collection is made out of branches that my little son, my husband and me, have found in different parks and beaches in The Hague, the city we adopted to live in.

We collect these small treasures as a game while exploring the nature in different seasons, so each piece has a different story behind.

I make an harmonic and unique composition and I incorporate some pieces of silver, copper and brass inside the branches, but I never cut the wooden pieces we founded on the nature

Material, date and location where we founded the branches are written on the back of the sculpture, making this piece not only unique but also linked to a place and season.

Height 25 cm
Width  25 cm 
Depth 4.5 cm


(It takes about 3 weeks to be made)


Making this piece requires 5 working days.

All the pieces are completely handmade or have a handmade finish so they might differ in some details with the pieces shown in the photos.

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