Tutti Frutti Large Necklace - Silver


Making this piece requires 5 working days.

All the pieces are completely handmade or have a handmade finish so they might differ in some details with the pieces shown in the photos.
If you are interested in this piece, please contact me through this form

It is a fine silver necklace made with a plain chain and interlacing some small colored stones. It features a semiprecious stone.

It is very elegant and delicate and comes with an extension that allows you to adjust its length.

The Tutti Frutti collection is inspired by Cartier. Their blue, red and green stones were huge and intense pieces.

Our intention is to simplify those pieces, leaving only a remnant of color and brightness.

Semi-precious stones available (18 mm): Milky Blue Quartz and Milky Rose Quartz.

Sterling silver and variety of stones.

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